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National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) are work-based qualifications through which the skills and knowledge people need to perform their jobs effectively are assessed. The qualifications are based on National Occupational Standards (NOS), which define what employees, or potential employees, must be able to do and know, and how well they undertake work tasks and work roles

Each NVQ is designed to fit into the National Qualification Framework, which compares different qualifications in the UK and throughout Europe NVQs are open to everybody, their is no upper age limit and no fixed time in which to complete your NVQ and you do not have to achieve it all at once.

Some candidates might need special assessment arrangements in order to provide equal opportunities to those with special learning. The Hair and Beauty Academy opporates an Equal Opportunites and Special Needs Policy in the college. There is also a Key Skills co-ordinator to help with literacy and numeracy.

To achieve an NVQ you must demonstrate that you meet the requirements of the performance criteria by collecting evidence specified in the evidence requirements. How to collect your evidence will be explained to you by your tutor. You will also build up a portfolio while studying which will be proof to your future employer of what you have achieved.

If you have started an NVQ course at any other NVQ centre, you are able to take your portfolio with you to any other NVQ centre and continue your course.

An NVQ qualification gives you the chance to open a window into the world of your chosen career and is known Internationally.

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