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Edexcel International is the Hair and Beauty Academy's governing body for NVQ. All the courses are run within the full NVQ guidelines set by Edexcel. The external verifier is sent to the Academy by Edexcel International.

Because the Hair and Beauty Academy is situated in Spain and is the first one to open in Spain, there are a couple of differences. If you were taking a NVQ training course in the UK, you would get government funding. Because we are in Spain, this does not apply which is why the Academy has to be run as a privately funded school.

Because the Academy is not government funded, then we do not run the Key Skills certification, as this was set up the the UK government for funded training colleges. Therefore students are not asked to produce certificates to prove which GCSE's they have passed.

We feel confident that because we are all now part of Europe that the NVQ will soon be recognised by Spanish employees. There are already some Spanish colleges in Madrid and Valencia who are now training the BTEC qualifications.

All English salons in Spain whether they be Hair or Beauty obviously recognise the NVQ and so do their English clients. Any good professionally run salon will only employ qualified technicians with either City & Guilds or NVQ certificates. Your NVQ qualification will stay with you for life, and with this you can either return to the Uk, work the cruise liners, become mobile or start your own business.

If you are in a NVQ training course in the UK and are moving to Spain or any other European country which has a NVQ training centre, then you can take your portfolio and assessments sheets with you and carry on where you left off at any certified NVQ training centre. The same rule applies for those students training in Spain.

You can read all about Edexcel on their web site